SEO Price Package , How Much Is An SEO Package?

69,000,000 $



SEO Price Package , How Much Is An SEO Package?

The agency’s average SEO plan costs $ 2,819 a month, according to extensive Ahrefs research. The low average is around $ 500 a month and the high average is between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000 a month.

On what basis is the SEO price determined?

In general, the type of SEO contract is determined by the hour, monthly, project or by keyword determines the SEO price, in addition to the number and difficulty of keywords, the amount of competition in the field, the amount of expertise and work experience all and all. Are the final price of SEO.

Why is the cost of SEO lower in some companies?

Cheap SEO in some companies that work unreasonably low prices can have two reasons: either they will use unprincipled methods and black hat techniques or they have a very low level of skill and expertise to optimize the site.

Cost of SEO Price Package support

This cost is usually calculated after the SEO project and the keywords reach the first page of Google. There is no single price for this purpose and the tariff varies from company to company and from person to person.

This fee is charged for maintaining the website in the same keyword on the page and position obtained by Google. Because in some words, if they are abandoned and SEO is not done, we will definitely have a demotion, and this is not good at all.


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